Meg Ormiston has been busy researching, writing, and presenting locally, nationally and internationally. Meg has been working with key districts on visioning and planning for student and teacher success with digital tools. These districts have made great systemic changes with Meg’s support bringing true change in instructional practice in the classroom.

Meg also leads administrator academies and all types of workshops for educators. Meg often is asked to keynote conferences and every session with Meg is upbeat and fast paced. Meg is getting ready for summer tech camps May-August 2017, contact us today to bring a camp to your school district. Meg’s calendar fills up quickly, so let’s start planning now.

Meg has also been busy writing two new books. These books were written for anyone passionate about teaching and learning with digital tools. Research-based and very practical these books were designed for classroom teachers and PLC teams focused on change. Meg is also in the middle of another team writing adventure with twenty-seven practicing educators. Together this team is writing a series of five books starting with the youngest learners and scafoldingĀ skills through high school. In addition to those four books there is also a leadership guide to help you bring this model to your school district. These books build on each other in sophistication of skills and the focus was putting the teaching and learning first, and supporting the lessons with technology. The series is schedule to be published by Solution Tree during the summer and Fall 2017.

Your district needs Meg’s great energy, she has dates available on her calendar, contact us today!

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