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The Now Classrooms Books

Meg Ormiston is researching, writing, and presenting locally, nationally and internationally. Meg works with key districts on visioning and planning for student and teacher success with digital tools. These partner districts have made great systemic changes with Meg’s support bringing true change in instructional practice in the classroom. Meg also leads administrator academies and all types of

workshops for educators. Every session with Meg is upbeat and fast-paced.

Meg just completed the #NOWclassrooms writing project with twenty-six practicing educators in the Chicago area. Together this team has written a series of five books starting with the youngest learners with a k-2 book. The teams scaffold the skills through the 3-5 book, 6-8 book, and the 9-12 book. In addition to those four books, there is also a leadership guide to help you bring this successful model to your school district. These books build on each other in the sophistication of skills and the focus is on putting the teaching and learning first, before the technology. The series is published by Solution Tree Press.

“This book is so fantastic. Meg Ormiston is an amazing teacher and an even better leader. I love that she got together with teachers who are actually in public school classrooms every day to create this book series. There are 5 total in the series covering k-12 and leadership. I can’t wait to get my hands on more of them. Not only does this book give you the kind of inspiration that you normally get from a conference, but it gives you real, practical lesson plans you can implement immediately. Whether you are a teacher just dipping your toes into project-based and technology-rich curriculum, or you consider yourself an expert, this book has something for you. As if all of that isn’t enough, there is also an online community on Twitter to keep the momentum going and let you grow your PLN. Meg herself is responsive to direct questions and an active participant in chats. When you buy this book, you don’t just get 200 pages of text, you get a community of people in your corner to help you be the teacher you want to be.” Amazon review by Arcadia Parson

Meg has written seven other books you can explore all about teaching and learning with technology. Research-based and very practical these books were designed for classroom teachers and PLC teams focused on change.

Your district needs Meg’s great energy, she has dates available on her calendar, contact us today!

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