On-Demand Professional Development Modules

by Meg Ormiston

Each Professional Development Module Includes:

A 14-20-minute video created by technology expert Meg Ormiston

Supporting documents include:

Hyperlinks to all resources

State of Illinois and Learning Forward standards identified



Ten comprehension questions

View a Sample Module

Short, Practical, Focused Professional Development

These online learning modules were created by teaching, learning, and technology expert Meg Ormiston. These modules were created to bring the very best teaching and learning with technology professional development to your teachers.

These engaging videos can be used by individuals and teams during late start or early dismissal days or anytime before, during, and after school all year long. This is current best practice, practical, professional development designed for immediate classroom application. Get more from your professional development dollars by bringing Meg to your school virtually using these modules.

Hosting Options

Host these modules in the learning management environment your teachers are used to using. The selected modules can be uploaded to your learning management system for a small set-up fee.

The modules can be hosted remotely in a password protected environment for access anytime on any Internet-enabled device.

Professional Development Accountability

Some organizations collect the comprehension questions in exchange for professional development credit. Meg is also available for a short professional development session to introduce these resources to your teachers using Skype or Google Hangouts.


Your school staff will have unlimited access to the modules for one calendar year, each module represents one hour of professional development, making this a very cost-effective solution for your school. Contact Meg for more information meg(@)megormiston.com

 Professional Development Titles by Meg Ormiston

Broadcasting Good News using Social Media

Collaborating with Colleagues Using Google Drive

Collecting Feedback Using Technology

Communicating with Families Using Technology

Create Stunning Curriculum Night Presentations

Creating a Digital Classroom

Creating a Digital Professional Portfolio

Creating a Growth Mindset Versus a Fixed Mindset

Creating Engaging Digital Presentations

Creating Screencasts

Five Formative Assessment Technology Tools

Google Classroom for Management

Google Documents and Sharing

Google Drive in the Classroom

Google Forms to Save Time

Google Slides and Sheets

Lesson Planning Using Technology

Multimedia Project Development

Organizing Artifacts and Digital Resources

Personalizing Learning with Technology

Plan Like a Ninja Using Google Calendar

Project Based Learning for Student Engagement

Recording Student Behaviors Using Technology

Setting and Tracking Professional Goals

Strategies that Work: Art and Technology

Strategies that Work: ELL and Technology

Strategies that Work: Math and Technology

Strategies that Work: Music and Technology

Strategies that Work: Physical Education and Technology

Strategies that Work: Reading and Technology

Strategies that Work: Science and Technology

Strategies that Work: Social Sciences and Technology

Strategies that Work: Special Education and Technology

Strategies that Work: The Media Center and Technology

Streamlining Routines with Technology

Telling Your Digital Story Using Images and Infographics

Transforming Lessons using the SAMR Model

Twitter for Teachers

Using Digital Images

Virtual Fieldtrips with Technology

About Meg Ormiston

Meg Ormiston is a teacher first and a classroom tech specialist after that. She stays grounded by working directly with students and teachers whenever she can. Meg is one of the nation’s leading experts in educational technology as it connects to teaching, but her positive and engaging energy is the first thing people notice about her. Meg’s favorite time of year is when she is the lead learner, the coach, and the inspiration to teachers in her tech boot camps. She is in her element when she is surrounded by groups of classroom teachers all creating, collaborating, and laughing as they are learning.

Ms. Ormiston partners with school systems that are committed to 21st century learning experiences for everyone. Meg creates a partnership that is unique in each district, reflecting the mission, vision, and direction that local leaders have identified. Her district-wide projects have included guiding teams through the visioning process, designing and delivering professional development, classroom modeling, developing student leaders in technology, and educating parents. Throughout the process, Meg calls it like she sees it and will not settle for excuses like, “this is how we have always done it.” Meg is about change, and she moves fast.

Meg is often called the “teacher’s teacher” because she structures professional development to insure that each participant is successful by creating fun, upbeat, and creative experiences that are differentiated to meet the needs of all (from the technophobic to the shining tech stars). Meg starts with standards and learning goals and then connects the appropriate tech tools because her style encourages learning by doing.

Meg is a teacher, keynote speaker, and author of seven books. After twelve years in the classroom teaching and coaching, Meg volunteered on her local school board, facilitated grant projects, and continued researching and writing about best practices. Meg has a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction and her book, Creating a Digital Rich Classroom, won book of the year in 2011.

Meg travels globally, sharing her passion about real change in the classroom. She lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband Brian, and sons Danny and Patrick as well as her golden retriever puppy, Sonoma. Contact Meg today to bring lasting change to your school district meg(at)megormiston.com or on Twitter @megormi

Recent Books

NEW 2018! The NOW Classrooms series of 5 books. A Leadership book, k-2 book, 3-5 book, 6-8 book, and the 9-12 book, all available through Solution Tree Press or Amazon

Ormiston, Meghan J. Create Future-Ready Classrooms, Now!. Vol. 1, Bloomington, Indiana: Solution Tree, 2015.


Ormiston, Meghan J. Designing Teacher-Student Partnership Classrooms Vol. 1, Bloomington, Indiana: Solution Tree, 2015.


Ormiston, Meghan J. Creating a Digital Rich Classroom: Teaching and Learning in a Web 2.0 World. Vol. 1, Bloomington, Indiana: Solution Tree, 2011.


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