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Video Module:


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Supporting Document:

Training Title: Strategies That Work: Science and Technology

Domain: The Classroom Environment

Establishing a Culture for Learning

A Digital Module by Meg Ormiston

Video link


This video lesson is filled with practical strategies for teachers interested in integrating technology into the science classroom.


This video is needed for science teachers to catch up and keep up with the resources found online.

Outcomes After Watching the Video

After watching the video lesson teachers will have new resources to use with students.

Teachers will have fresh new ideas for the science classroom after watching this video.

After completing this lesson teachers will have a collection of resources to share with collegues.

Resources and Tutorials

Sugar Kills Blog

The Middle Web

Calorie Counter website

Cluster Map


The Voice Company

Review or Dissemination Question

Why did the students start the blog

What is a Cluster map and how are they used?

What is Kiva, and how can your students get involved?

What is the Voice Company trying to do, and why?

What are your thoughts about the app PhotoMath?

How could you use the website WolframAlpha?

Why is Twitter important for professional development?

Of all the resources, what is one that you will introduce to students and why?

What are your thoughts about the cell cake project?

Which of the formative assessment website will you try with students?

Illinois Standards

Design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessments

Learning Forward Standards

Resources: Professional learning that increases educator effectiveness and results for all students requires prioritizing, monitoring, and coordinating resources for educator learning.

Purpose(s) for Activity

____x_ Improve learning of students.

_____x Use learning strategies appropriate to intended goals.

About Meg Ormiston

I am Meg Ormiston and I am on a mission to change the world of education. I share my passion for teaching and learning with technology through my keynote speaking, writing, and Twittering (@megormi). Connecting with other people who share my passion online and off helps fuel my research and work. I’m not going to slow down until every teacher gets the specific professional development they need to fully engage every student every day.

I was a classroom teacher for 12 years, and now I travel nationally, and internationally sharing my passion for teaching and learning with digital tools through hands-on project-based professional development. I love teaching teachers in my role as a keynote speaker, coach, and workshop presenter. I have five books published and I am currently writing book six and seven. I live in the Chicago suburbs with my two college boys, my husband, and my beloved golden retriever Sonoma.

Recent Books

NEW 2018! The NOW Classrooms series of 5 books. A Leadership book, k-2 book, 3-5 book, 6-8 book, and the 9-12 book, all available through Solution Tree Press or Amazon

Ormiston, Meghan J. Designing Teacher-Student Partnership Classrooms Vol. 1, Bloomington, Indiana: Solution Tree, 2016.

Ormiston, Meghan J. Create Future-Ready Classrooms, Now! Bloomington, Indiana: Solution Tree, 2016.

Ormiston, Meghan J. Creating a Digital Rich Classroom: Teaching and Learning in a Web 2.0 World. Vol. 1, Bloomington, Indiana: Solution Tree, 2011.

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