Happy Campers!
Happy Campers!

Tech Camp with Meg Ormiston

Tech Camp is a custom professional development experience that changes the instructional practice of teachers. During the 2-5 day session teachers are exploring, investigating, and creating technology rich projects. The sessions are hands-on, fast paced, and relevant to teachers today. Each session is focused on the skills teachers need to actively engage students in a 21st Century classroom with digital tools.

Meg believes in outcome based personal professional development that focuses on teachers creating digital artifacts in his or her content area. We know technology does not stand alone as a separate subject so each participant is encouraged to bring materials they will redesign into technology rich projects. Teachers will collaborate and have fun as they learn new tools, apps, and programs to use while designing lessons aligned to the standards.

Meg will work with your leadership team to customize the tech camp experience for your teachers. Use the contact form below to connect with Meg. For fourteen years I have been leading tech camp, this professional development sticks with people to change instructional practice in the classroom.

Watch the video and share this with your administrator! Hurry and schedule your special camp today!

Some Participant Outcomes Might Include:

  • Redesign lessons with technology.
  • The 4C’s in the classroom: collaboration, critical thinking, communicating, and creativity.
  • Learn about growth mindset vs fixed mindset and what this means in the classroom.
  • Analyze, select, and organize appropriate on-line resources.
  • Create a comprehensive technology integration plan for the year.
  • Assessment meets technology, new instructional practices.
  • Expand knowledge of emerging technologies resources and digital tools.


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